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How to Ship Dry Ice by Ground and Air Webcast

When shipped by air, dry ice is classified as a dangerous good and personnel involved with its shipment must comply with stringent requirements for packaging, marking, labeling, and shipping documentation.  Anyone involved in the shipment of dangerous goods must be trained on how to prepare and ship these materials by air in accordance with DOT and IATA requirements.


Attend this live interactive session and get your questions answered while you learn how to:

  • Classify and prepare shipments cooled with dry ice
  • Comply with both DOT and IATA regulations
  • Prepare shipments of dangerous goods packed with dry ice
  • Prepare shipping papers
  • Properly select, fill, and close packages
  • Mark and label packages
  • Load and unload from motor vehicles
  • Implement essential safety and security procedures
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2 hours
1pm - 3pm
Hazardous Materials Transportation
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