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How to Manage Universal Waste

Does your facility generate waste batteries, light bulbs, mercury-containing equipment, or pesticides? If so, all personnel who handle these wastes must be trained to manage them in compliance with the Universal Waste regulations and know what to do in an emergency. Moreover, many states classify additional wastes as universal waste, such as paint, electronic waste, antifreeze, and aerosol cans.


In this online course, you will learn how to classify, store, and prepare universal waste for off-site shipment, and learn what to do if there is a spill or emergency involving universal waste. The course handout, Universal Waste Management, is included as a downloadable document.


You can complete the training anytime it's convenient for you. Interactive exercises and quizzes help you learn and retain the information that you need to know. And, Environmental Resource Center’s Answerline™ is available at no charge for any questions you have during or after the training – for up to one year.


All of our online training modules require a web browser that supports the use of audio and video playback.  When taking the training, web browser settings such as ad-blockers and pop-up blockers should be disabled.

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