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How to Ship Infectious Substances by Ground and Air - Webcast

Infectious substances are found not only in hospitals, clinics, labs, and universities, but also at many industrial facilities where regulated medical waste is generated. This course will guide you through the latest requirements for the transportation of infectious substances by ground and air, and give you the skills you need to properly ship infectious substances.


In this interactive course, you will meet your DOT and IATA training requirements and learn how to:

  • Classify infectious substances into Category A or B
  • Determine the corresponding packaging systems and prepare your packages for shipment
  • Properly mark, label, and document your infectious substance shipments
  • Take advantage of exceptions for biological products, patient specimens, and used health care products


The course handbook, Guide to Shipping Infectious Substances, is included as a downloadable document.


To participate in this live training, you will need an active internet connection. You may test your connection here

Please contact Amy Knight if you would like to arrange for an onsite presentation of this material. 

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5 Hour Webcast
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST
Hazardous Materials Transportation
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