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EPA’s Electronic Hazardous Waste Manifest

EPA’s electronic manifest, or e-manifest, is in full swing and ready to use. Whether you are a generator, waste vendor or a regulator, the e-manifest makes executing a manifest easier and more cost effective, not to mention it allows for real-time tracking.
In this 1-hour class you will learn:
  • Who is responsible for paying the manifest fees to EPA
  • How the fees are calculated and who pays them
  • Whether you can still continue to use paper manifests
  • DOT’s perspective on electronic manifests
  • Who is responsible for manifest content
  • What information is required
  • How the manifest will be signed
  • How to execute biennial and annual reports plus SQG renotifications
  • How state-only hazardous waste and PCBs will be identified
  • How to complete import/export notices in the system
  • How corrections to waste quantities and shipping descriptions will be identified and fixed
  • How to track waste shipments in real time
  • To search, copy, and print current and past manifests
To participate in this live training, you will need an active internet connection. You may test your connection here
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1 hour
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST
Hazardous Waste Management
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