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Reverse Logistics Shipments of Hazardous Materials

DOT has created streamlined alternatives for the safe return of hazardous materials from retail outlets back to a manufacturer, supplier, or distribution facility.


When retail outlets need to return hazardous products to receive manufacturer’s credit due to a recall, for replacement, recycling, or a similar reason, store employees need only comply with DOT’s reverse logistics requirements. But, before you can take advantage of this option, your employees must be trained. 


In this online course, you will learn:

  • What retail products qualify for the new exception
  • Quantity limits
  • How to package hazardous retail products for shipments
  • What marks and labels are required on each package
  • Employee training requirements
  • What “clear instructions” must be given to employees that prepare return shipments
  • Documentation and recordkeeping requirements


You can complete the training anytime when it's convenient for you. Interactive exercises and quizzes help you learn and retain the information that you need to know. And, Environmental Resource Center’s Answerline™ is available at no charge for any questions you have during or after the training – for up to one year.

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