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Reverse Logistics Shipments of Hazardous Materials

DOT has established streamlined alternatives for the safe return (reverse logistics) of hazardous materials from retail outlets back to a distribution or reclamation facility.


When retail outlets need to return hazardous products to receive manufacturer’s credit due to a recall, for replacement, recycling, or a similar reason, store employees need only comply with DOT’s relaxed requirements for product classification, packaging, and marking. This rule also expands a previously existing exception for shipments of lead acid batteries for the purpose of recycling.


Attend this live, interactive webcast to learn:

  • What hazardous retail products qualify for the new exceptions
  • Quantity limits
  • How to package hazardous retail products for shipment
  • Options for handling damaged goods
  • What marks and labels are required on each package
  • Employee training requirements
  • What “clear instructions” must be given to employees that prepare return shipments
  • Documentation and recordkeeping requirements


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1 Hour
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Hazardous Materials Transportation
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