Our Team

Amy A. Knight - President - MS

As President of Environmental Resource Center, Amy works closely with clients to identify their on-site consulting needs and to coordinate programs to meet those specific needs in accordance with clients’ budget and time constraints. She has worked on environmental and safety audits for a wide range of industries and has developed site-specific training programs for Tier II reporting, Form R compliance, hazard communication program management and OSHA general industry compliance.

Amy’s 20 years of environmental, public health, and safety experience allow her to approach each client with a strong technical foundation. This background, combined with her skill as a business manager makes her the perfect first point of contact for our clients.

She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University, and Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Psychology from Purdue University, with emphasis on environmental and safety compliance, environmental health program management, technical assistance, and public affairs. Amy’s technical specialties include Title III Reporting (SARA, EPCRA), Industrial Safety (OSHA), Hazard Communication (OSHA), and Hazardous Materials Transportation (DOT).

Kristie Cook Absher - Senior Consultant - BS, BA

During her college studies, Kristie developed an interest in environmental, health and safety practices while working at Brookhaven National Laboratory and R.J. Reynolds. She put that interest to work in positions at IMC Agribusiness and Nash Community College, where she conducted new employee and safety training, performed company inspections, managed SDSs, and assisted on numerous environmental health and safety projects, such as Form R completion and job safety analysis development. At Environmental Resource Center, Kristie has nearly 20 years of experience in hazard classification for transportation and safety regulations, authoring SDSs, writing hazardous material security plans, and performing transportation audits. Because she has a knack for making the most complex situation seem simple and is passionate about helping customers, training is still her favorite aspect of her work as an environmental consultant. 

Kristie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from North Carolina State University. Her technical specialties include Hazardous Materials Transportation (DOT), Dangerous Goods Transportation (IATA, IMO, TDG), Hazardous Waste (RCRA), Title III Reporting (SARA), and Hazard Communication (OSHA). Kristie has experience in a wide range of Hazardous Material specialty topics including batteries, explosives, infectious substances, marine pollutants, radioactives, rail shipments, special permits, and regulatory exceptions.

Regan Bottomley - Consultant - BS, MEd

Regan recently joined Environmental Resource Center after ten years in the industry providing training to Fortune 500 companies. She is a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act expert, teaching both standard and advanced RCRA classes as well as specializing in state-specific hazardous waste regulations for Texas, California and New York. In addition to training, Regan has performed hazardous waste compliance inspections and consulting services on a wide range of projects. She has participated in nationwide industry events, such as the California CUPA conference and the Texas Environmental Trade Fair, plus provided training for regulators, inspectors, and industry professionals.

Along with RCRA, Regan is also an authority on the Department of Transportation’s Hazardous Materials Regulations, including shipping HazMat and/or hazardous waste.

Regan holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of East Stroudsburg and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix.

Harry L. Favre - Consultant - MA, CET

Harry has over 20 years’ experience managing EHS programs at Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. He began his career as a Field Chemist responding to chemical spills and emergencies and working at Superfund sites. As an EHS manager his responsibilities included EPA - RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA/SARA/EPCRA, CWA, and CAA; OSHA - HazCom, Hazwoper, PSM, Fire Safety, Confined Space, and LOTO; and DOT/IATA/IMO transportation of hazardous materials/dangerous goods compliance. In addition, he successfully developed and implemented training programs and environmental management systems including ISO 14001.

Harry joined Environmental Resource Center in 2007 and provides interactive EHS training in person and online. Training is his passion. He specializes in RCRA hazardous waste management, DOT/IATA/IMO hazardous materials and dangerous goods transportation, OSHA HazCom (developing SDSs and chemical labels), Hazwoper, PSM and TSCA compliance training. In addition, he performs EHS regulatory audits.

Harry holds a BA in Chemistry and an MEd in Education from the Ohio State University. In addition, he is a Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT).

Barry O. Gillespie - Senior Consultant - BS

Barry has over 15 years of diversified hands-on regulatory compliance experience, specializing in environmental and DOT requirements. Having worked in a variety of industries- automotive, airline, and waste disposal – Barry’s unique blend of experience has given him the opportunity to manage chemicals while their classifications as hazardous chemicals, toxic chemicals, hazardous materials, hazardous substances, and hazardous waste were being determined. He has gained valuable first-hand experience in various methods of waste treatment , storage and disposal -managing these operations at several facilities.

In addition to maintaining compliance for the facilities where he has worked, Barry has trained thousands of workers, students and managers for Environmental Resource Center. He has developed and conducted site-specific training programs on: hazardous waste management, hazardous materials handling, pollution prevention, and alternative methods of disposal and transportation. Barry has also conducted training courses related to solid and medical waste management, waste minimization, EPCRA compliance, ISO 14001 awareness and audits, and TSCA (asbestos and PCB) compliance.

Barry earned his degree in chemical engineering from North Carolina State University.  His technical specialties include Environmental Compliance (RCRA, TSCA, and EPCRA), Permit Writing, Pollution Prevention / Waste Minimization, and Treatment, and Disposal Technologies.

Pretlo V. Knight - Senior Consultant - MS

Pretlo brings more than 20 years of experience in environmental and safety management to Environmental Resource Center. As a waste transportation and disposal manager and as a health and safety manager at environmental engineering firms and uncontrolled hazardous waste sites, she has been responsible for RCRA, DOT and OSHA compliance and SARA Title III reporting. Pretlo has developed RCRA, Hazard Communication, HAZWOPER, and DOT training programs, as well as public awareness seminars.

Pretlo holds a Master of Science degree in biology with a focus on environmental technology from North Carolina A&T State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Elizabeth City State University. Her technical specialties include Hazardous Waste Management (RCRA), Advanced Hazardous Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Operations (OSHA), Hazardous Materials Transportation (DOT), Shipping Dangerous Goods (IATA), Industrial Safety (OSHA), and Title III reporting (SARA). She has developed and delivered hundreds of training classes and workshops throughout the United States on topics such as shipping infectious substances per DOT and IATA regulations, hazardous waste sampling, and land disposal restrictions.

Taylor Mabile - Consultant - BS

Taylor is Environmental Resource Center’s newest consultant. Prior to joining Environmental Resource Center’s team, she spent four years working in the nuclear power industry. Her experience encompasses areas in analytical chemistry, chemical control, SDS management, OSHA regulations, laboratory safety, hazardous/radioactive waste management, wastewater discharge permits, environmental monitoring, and regulatory compliance. Taylor's academic background, coupled with hands-on experience, has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between industry processes and environmental sustainability. Additionally, she has training in respiratory protection, control of combustibles, EPA Method 9, and LPDES Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs).

Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Nicholls State University in Louisiana.

Noah Polsky - Consultant - BS

Growing up in a very environmentally conscious family, Noah developed an appreciation for protecting the environment from a young age, which fits perfectly into his role as an environmental consultant and instructor. After beginning his post-college career as a middle school science teacher, Noah joined Environmental Resource Center in 2022, having spent much of the previous decade providing environmental compliance training to a wide variety of industries, as well as working in the waste management and disposal field. His primary areas of expertise include Hazardous Materials Transportation (DOT) and Hazardous Waste (RCRA), along with Dangerous Goods Transportation (IATA and IMO). Noah loves witnessing the *click* in students’ brains when they finally comprehend something that’s eluded them for years, and he finds it especially rewarding when they attribute their newfound understanding to his instruction.

Noah earned a B.S. in Environmental Science, along with a teaching certification, from Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Lara Reidenbaugh - Consultant - BS

Lara joined Environmental Resource Center after nearly 9 years in the analytical laboratory industry, during which time she was responsible for corporate compliance with OSHA, EPA, and DOT regulations. She has worked in the areas of environmental, health, and safety compliance and training for over 15 years. Lara has developed and provided training in the areas of RCRA, DOT, respiratory protection, laboratory chemical hygiene, HAZWOPER, and bloodborne pathogen. Her experience includes performing chemical safety assessments and hazardous waste/hazardous materials classifications as well as chemical and particulate air sampling and indoor air quality assessments in the field of industrial hygiene.

Lara earned a BS in Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene Management from Millersville University in Pennsylvania. Her technical specialties include hazardous waste management (RCRA), and hazardous materials transportation (DOT, IATA, and, IMO).

Andy Smith - Senior Consultant - BS

Andy has been in the field of regulatory compliance and manufacturing operations since 1988. His career began in the Naval Nuclear Power Program as a chemist and radiological technician. Following that, he worked in diverse manufacturing environments, including metal-working/electroplating, snack food production, and semiconductor manufacturing. He has conducted regulatory compliance workshops and managed the regulatory training department for a national waste broker and TSDF. He was a 40-hour Hazwoper trained Emergency Response Team Member, as well as CPR and  first aid trainer for his submarine and a Navy Hospital.

Mr Smith has presented nationwide workshops covering both federal and state regulations. He has taught IATA/IMDG, Stormwater, RCRA, Texas and California state hazardous waste regulations, OSHA Hazard Communication and Hazwoper, and how to incorporate DOT and OSHA requirements in the management of chemicals and waste in an industrial facility. He has developed several training courses, video conference presentations, and web-based training programs.

Andy studied business administration at Texas Tech, and attended the Naval Nuclear Power School for Chemistry and Radiological Controls.  His technical specialties include Hazardous Waste Management (RCRA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Hazardous Materials Transportation (DOT), Hazard Communication and Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (OSHA).

Rebecca Spaulding - Senior Consultant - BS

As a senior consultant with Environmental Resource Center, Rebecca provides customized hazardous materials/dangerous goods transportation compliance assistance (DOT/IATA/IMO) for many different industries. For the past 15 years she has provided hazardous materials and dangerous goods training, consulting, and auditing services to numerous clients in the chemical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Geoscience and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Boston College. Her technical specialties include Hazardous Materials Transportation (DOT), Dangerous Goods Transportation (IATA, IMO, ADR, TDG, NOM, and ADG). Additionally, she has customized training seminars in Spanish and English to meet the compliance requirements under DOT, IATA, IMO, focusing on shipments of infectious substances, explosives, and radioactives for motor carrier drivers, rail and tank car shipments, and shipments by ground within Europe (ADR). Rebecca has also managed training and consulting projects in the transportation regulations for importers and exporters into Mexico (NOM), Canada (TDG), Brazil and Argentina under the domestic regulations and Mercosur Agreement, and Australia (ADG). She also has audited many facilities for compliance with Canada’s TDG regulations.  More recently, Ms. Spaulding is ensuring that affected customers are knowledgeable and compliant on the new Department of Homeland Security’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards and other global initiatives, such as REACH, RoHS, and WEEE as these new regulations are instituted.