What number do I call for AnswerlineTM service?
To receive answers to your questions, call Customer Service at Environmental Resource Center's main line:
800-537-2372  8am to 5pm EST Monday - Friday
You will be directed to a consultant with expertise in the subject area.
Can I get AnswerlineTM service by email?
Yes. Send your inquiry to and our customer service team will forward it to one of our environmental and safety consultants. You will receive a response within 24 hours.
Who qualifies?
Any student of our open-enrollment or on-site training programs is eligible for AnswerlineTM service.
How long will I have AnswerlineTM service?
Environmental Resource Center offers free AnswerlineTM service for one year starting from the date of your training or webcast.
Can I ask questions outside the subject matter of the course I attended?
Environmental Resource Center's AnswerlineTM is limited to one year of verbal answers that relate to the topic of the seminar you attended. If you need assistance with other topics or require a written response, you can opt for our fee-based service.