Tips of the Week Archive

Date Title Category Action
August 20, 2018 EPA Ordered to End Delay of Chemical Disaster Rule Environmental View
August 20, 2018 Cancer Inhalation Unit Risk Factor for Tert-Butyl Acetate Safety View
August 13, 2018 EPA Could Change How It Calculates the Financial Effects of Regulations Environmental View
August 13, 2018 It’s Safe + Sound Week Safety View
August 6, 2018 Nationwide Recall of 500,000 Heavy-Duty Trucks Environmental View
August 6, 2018 Welding Fumes Listed as Carcinogens Safety View
July 30, 2018 Camera Lets You See Invisible Pollutants Environmental View
July 30, 2018 New Standard for Preventing Workplace Fatalities from Dropped Objects Safety View
July 23, 2018 Revisions to Endangered Species Act Ahead Environmental View
July 23, 2018 New Strategic Plan for Chemical Testing Safety View
July 16, 2018 States Want EPA to Rescind Rule Issued on Pruitt’s Last Day Environmental View
July 16, 2018 OSHA Focusing on Increase in Worker Fatalities Safety View
July 9, 2018 Could Air Conditioning Make Things Worse? Environmental View
July 9, 2018 Exposure to Solvents, Paint Linked to Increased Risk of MS Safety View
July 2, 2018 New Hazardous Waste Manifest Now Required Environmental View
July 2, 2018 Safety Fourth Safety View
June 25, 2018 New Guidance on TSCA Reporting Environmental View
June 25, 2018 Coffee Helps Teams Work Together, and It Doesn’t Have to be Labeled as a Carcinogen Safety View
June 18, 2018 New Chemicals Added to EPCRA TRI Reporting Environmental View
June 18, 2018 What BBQ Smoke Exposure Tells You About Occupational Chemical Exposures Safety View
June 11, 2018 Changes in DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations are On the Way Environmental View
June 11, 2018 July 1 Deadline to Electronically Submit Injury and Illness Data Rapidly Approaching Safety View
June 4, 2018 How EPA’s Implementation of Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act Will Affect You Environmental View
June 4, 2018 Beryllium Standard Compliance Dates Extended Safety View
May 28, 2018 $3.3 Million Penalty for Hazardous Waste Violations Environmental View
May 28, 2018 New Silica Rule Begins June 23rd Safety View
May 21, 2018 EPA to Relax Risk Management Rules Environmental View
May 21, 2018 OSHA to Change Requirements for Crane Operators Safety View
May 14, 2018 Certain Provisions of the Beryllium Standard in Effect Safety View
May 14, 2018 EPA Intends to Finalize Current Ruling on Methylene Chloride Environmental View
May 7, 2018 First Chlorpyrifos Ban Approved in Hawaii Environmental View
May 7, 2018 Error in Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Regulation Corrected Safety View
April 30, 2018 Safer Lithium Batteries Environmental View
April 30, 2018 Who is Responsible for Worker Safety on Communication Towers? Safety View
April 23, 2018 Hazardous Fumigants Found in Shipping Containers Environmental View
April 23, 2018 Are PCBs in Your Kitchen? Safety View
April 16, 2018 Hot Air Hand Dryers Spread Bathroom Bacteria Safety View
April 16, 2018 Environmental Review Process Accelerated for Infrastructure Projects Environmental View
April 8, 2018 Lower Fuel Economy Standards Ahead Environmental View
April 8, 2018 New Information on Chemically Induced Hearing Loss Safety View
April 2, 2018 Ban on HFC Refrigerants Adopted Environmental View
April 2, 2018 Occupational Noise Contributes to High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Safety View
March 26, 2018 EPA Proposal Will Ease Emission Standards for Refineries Environmental View
March 26, 2018 Stronger OSHA and Increased Penalties Proposed Safety View
March 19, 2018 Update on Aerosol Cans - Universal Waste Rule Environmental View
March 19, 2018 Million Dollar Penalty for Machine Guarding Violations at Auto Parts Manufacturer Safety View
March 12, 2018 EPA Plan to Reduce TSCA Animal Testing Environmental View
March 12, 2018 OSHA to Delay Enforcement of Beryllium Standard Safety View
March 5, 2018 EPA to Defer Waste Disposal to States Control Environmental View
March 5, 2018 Construction Caught-in Accidents Increase Safety View