Tips of the Week Archive

Date Title Category Action
August 28, 2017 EPA Extends Comment Period on Waters of the U.S. Rule Environmental View
August 28, 2017 NIOSH and CDPH-OHB Release Video to Protect Workers During Oil and Gas Tank Gauging Safety View
August 21, 2017 DOT to Impose New Restrictions on Lithium Batteries Environmental View
August 21, 2017 Free Mobile Lifting Calculator App from NIOSH Safety View
August 14, 2017 New Regulations Aim to Improve Safety at Oil Refineries Safety View
August 14, 2017 EPA Resets TSCA Inventory by Distinguishing Active VS. Inactive Substances Environmental View
August 7, 2017 EPA Ends Delay of Ozone NAAQS Environmental View
August 7, 2017 Aircraft Parts Manufacturer Fined for Not Notifying Workers of Exposure to Chromium-6 Safety View
August 2, 2017 OSHA Whistleblower Complaint Form Revised Safety View
August 2, 2017 EPA Takes First Steps to Redefine Waters of the United States Environmental View
July 26, 2017 OSHA to Accept Electronically Submitted Injury and Illness Data in August Safety View
July 26, 2017 New TSCA Chemical Risk Evaluation Procedures Environmental View
July 17, 2017 EPA Reveals Status of New Hazardous Waste Manifest Environmental View
July 17, 2017 Learn the Signs of Heat Exhaustion, Take Precautions Safety View
July 11, 2017 OSHA Policy Change on Monorail Hoists in Construction Safety View
July 11, 2017 EPA’s Recycling Restrictions Overturned by Court Environmental View
July 5, 2017 Waters of the U.S. Rule to be Rescinded Environmental View
July 5, 2017 OSHA to Delay Compliance Date for Electronic Injury, Illness Reports Safety View
June 28, 2017 EPA Marks Chemical Safety Milestone on 1st Anniversary of Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act Environmental View
June 26, 2017 Missouri Citations Highlight Importance of Vigilance in Preventing Trench Cave-ins Safety View
June 19, 2017 Another Delay of Oil and Gas NSPS Environmental View
June 19, 2017 Guide to Help Manufacturers Identify Safer Alternatives Released Safety View
June 12, 2017 EPA Quietly Revises Definition of Waters of the United States Environmental View
June 12, 2017 Free Heat Safety App Safety View
June 5, 2017 NSPS for Oil and Gas Industry Delayed Environmental View
June 5, 2017 OSHA Wants Your Comments on GHS Hazard Communication Revisions Safety View
May 29, 2017 NSPS for Landfill Methane Delayed Environmental View
May 29, 2017 What Caused Catastrophic Pressure Vessel Failure at Loy Lange Box Company? Safety View
May 22, 2017 New Guidance on Reporting Nanomaterials Environmental View
May 22, 2017 OSHA Postpones July 1 Deadline for Electronic Form 300A Submissions Safety View
May 15, 2017 EPA Delays Another Rule Environmental View
May 15, 2017 No Significant Risk Level Set for Styrene Safety View
May 8, 2017 EPA Survives Sharp Budget Cuts Environmental View
May 8, 2017 Injury Recordkeeping Rule Relaxed by OSHA Safety View
May 1, 2017 Several EPA Programs Face Possible Elimination Environmental View
May 1, 2017 150 Workers Die on the Job Every Day Safety View
April 24, 2017 EPA to Reconsider Oil and Gas NSPS Environmental View
April 24, 2017 Welding Fumes Listed as Carcinogenic to Humans Safety View
April 17, 2017 Regulatory Reform Underway at EPA Environmental View
April 17, 2017 Safety Stand-Down Events Aim to Improve Worker Safety Safety View
April 10, 2017 What EPA Programs Are Being Eliminated? Environmental View
April 10, 2017 OSHA to Delay Enforcing Crystalline Silica Standard Safety View
April 3, 2017 Hazardous Material Transport Rules Revised Environmental View
April 3, 2017 Glyphosate Added to Carcinogen List in California Safety View
March 27, 2017 Wastewater Treatment Costs Reduced with Accidentally Discovered Bacteria Environmental View
March 27, 2017 Congress Overturns OSHA Recordkeeping Rule Safety View
March 20, 2017 Proposed EPA Budget Cuts Environmental View
March 20, 2017 Trump Proposes to Eliminate Chemical Safety Board Safety View
March 13, 2017 DOT Says It’s Okay to Follow 2017 ICAO and IMDG Rules Environmental View
March 13, 2017 State Announces Increase in Workplace Deaths Safety View