Tips of the Week Archive

Date Title Category Action
April 7, 2008 OSHA Confirms Effective Date of Direct Final Rule on Updated Standards Safety View
March 31, 2008 Internet Reporting Now Available for All Facilities Reporting TRI Data Environmental View
March 31, 2008 $1 Million in Penalties for Willful Violations That Claimed Five Lives Safety View
March 24, 2008 Free Recycling of Small Electronics Environmental View
March 24, 2008 City Inspector Is Charged in Crane Case Safety View
March 17, 2008 Carcinogenic 1,4-Dioxane Found in Leading Organic Brand Personal Care Products Safety View
March 17, 2008 EPA Proposes Reduction in Ozone Standard Environmental View
March 10, 2008 $1.5 Million Penalty for Discharging Oil to “Magic Pipe” Environmental View
March 10, 2008 OSHA Notifies Workplaces With High Injury and Illness Rates Safety View
March 3, 2008 Combustible Dust Hazards Safety View
March 3, 2008 Update on Electronic Hazardous Waste Manifest Environmental View
February 25, 2008 Breach of Security Cannot Be Claimed to Avoid SARA Title III and CAA 112(r) Reports Environmental View
February 25, 2008 New Potential Hazards of Mobile Phone Use Identified Safety View
February 18, 2008 CITGO Petroleum Corporation Fined $169,000 for Process Safety Management Violations Safety View
February 18, 2008 House Committee Issues White Paper on Climate Change Legislation Environmental View
February 11, 2008 2009 Budget Request for OSHA Increases Federal Enforcement and Compliance Assistance Efforts Safety View
February 11, 2008 More Than $300 Million Cut From EPA Budget Environmental View
February 4, 2008 DOT Relaxes Hazardous Material Shipping Regulations Environmental View
February 4, 2008 OSHA Establishes a New National Emphasis Program on Silica Safety View
January 28, 2008 Excessive Idling Can Cost You Environmental View
January 28, 2008 OSHA Extends the Comment Period for Confined Spaces Standard Safety View
January 21, 2008 Greenhouse Gas Reporting to Be Mandatory Next Year Environmental View
January 21, 2008 Safe Use of Quick Coupling Devices Safety View
January 14, 2008 Electronics Recyclers That Don’t Recycle Beware Environmental View
January 7, 2008 OSHA Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for New Respirator Fit-Testing Protocol Safety View
January 7, 2008 New Rules for Flying With Lithium Batteries Environmental View
January 1, 2008 Governor Schwarzenegger to Appeal EPA Rejection of California’s Tailpipe Emissions Waiver Request Environmental View
January 1, 2008 OSHA Publishes Proposal on Shipyard Employment Safety View
December 17, 2007 What’s on OSHA’s Agenda? Safety View
December 17, 2007 EPA Announces Regulatory Priorities Environmental View
December 10, 2007 $200,000 Fine and Three Years Probation for Illegally Storing Hazardous Wastes Environmental View
December 10, 2007 $441,500 OSHA Fines for Willful, Repeat, and Serious Safety Violations Safety View
December 3, 2007 States Sue EPA Over Relaxed Toxic Chemical Regulations Environmental View
December 3, 2007 OSHA Issues Confined Spaces in Construction Proposed Rule Safety View
November 26, 2007 Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Top-Screens Due January 20 Environmental View
November 26, 2007 Truck Driver Safety and Health Safety View
November 19, 2007 EPA Requires Reformulation of Spray Paint Environmental View
November 19, 2007 OSHA Announces Employer-Paid Personal Protective Equipment Final Rule Safety View
November 12, 2007 California Sues EPA to End Delay of Greenhouse Gas Limits Environmental View
November 5, 2007 Overall Workplace Injury and Illness Rate Lowest on Record Safety View
November 5, 2007 Chemicals of Interest List Finalized for Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Environmental View
October 29, 2007 BP to Pay Largest Criminal Fine Ever for Air Violations Environmental View
October 29, 2007 Prevent MRSA Infections in the Workplace Safety View
October 22, 2007 Kansas is First State to Reject New Power Plant Due to Carbon Dioxide Emissions Environmental View
October 22, 2007 OSHA Issues New Combustible Dust Instruction Safety View
October 15, 2007 Home Depot to Pay Almost $10 Million for Hazardous Waste Violations Environmental View
October 15, 2007 New Tools to Assess Health Risks From Chemicals Safety View
October 8, 2007 EPA Proposes to Revise SPCC Rules Again Environmental View
October 8, 2007 Senate Votes to Ban Asbestos Safety View
October 1, 2007 President Unveils U.S. Plan to Curb Global Warming Environmental View