Tips of the Week Archive

Date Title Category Action
July 31, 2006 Safety Kleen Fined for Hazardous Waste Violations Environmental View
July 31, 2006 Chemical in Many Air Fresheners May Reduce Lung Function Safety View
July 24, 2006 Recycled Cathode Ray Tubes Are No Longer Hazardous Waste Environmental View
July 24, 2006 Pandemic Flu Guidelines Issued Safety View
July 17, 2006 Manager Goes to Jail for Discharging Wastewater without Permit Environmental View
July 17, 2006 Onyx Industrial Services Fined $117,500 for Safety and Health Violations Safety View
July 10, 2006 EPA’s Roadmap for Mercury Environmental View
July 10, 2006 Certification Now Required for Crane Operators Safety View
July 3, 2006 Supreme Court to Hear Global Warming Case Environmental View
July 3, 2006 NIOSH Warns of Unapproved N-95 Respirator Safety View
June 26, 2006 Coalition of States Challenge Federal Mercury Rule Environmental View
June 26, 2006 OSHA Announces Targeted Inspection Plan Safety View
June 19, 2006 What are OSHA Administrator Foulke’s Four Big Issues? Safety View
June 19, 2006 Company Manager Gets One Year in Jail for Clean Air Act Violation Environmental View
June 12, 2006 DOT Extends Hazmat Registration Deadline Environmental View
June 12, 2006 NIOSH Respirator Update Safety View
June 5, 2006 EPA Proposes to Allow Water Transfers without Permits Environmental View
June 5, 2006 OSHA's Targeted Inspection Plan for 2006 Safety View
May 30, 2006 EPA Proposes Regulations to Limit Emissions from Stationary Engines Environmental View
May 30, 2006 Reporting Power Press Injuries Safety View
May 22, 2006 Solvent-Contaminated Rags Get Flexible Disposal Options Environmental View
May 22, 2006 How to Evaluate Your Safety Record Safety View
May 8, 2006 Emergency Response Warning Issued for Gasoline-Alcohol Fuel Mixtures Environmental View
May 8, 2006 What’s on OSHA’s Agenda Safety View
May 1, 2006 What’s on EPA’s RCRA Agenda? Environmental View
May 1, 2006 Company Officials Found Guilty of Environmental Crimes and Worker Safety Violations Safety View
April 24, 2006 What is your Ecological Footprint? Environmental View
April 24, 2006 OSHA Identifies 14,000 Workplaces with High Injury and Illness Rates Safety View
April 17, 2006 Easy Access to Health and Environmental Effects of Industrial Chemicals Environmental View
April 17, 2006 OSHA Updates Outdated Regulations Safety View
April 10, 2006 EPA Revises Hazardous Waste Generator and TSD Regulations Environmental View
April 10, 2006 OSHA Updates Outdated Regulations Safety View
April 3, 2006 $134,000 in Fines Failure to Implement Risk Management Plan and Submit Tier II Forms Environmental View
April 3, 2006 OSHA Special Emphasis Program to Focus on Workplace Exposure to Crystalline Silica Safety View
March 27, 2006 DOT Revises Regulations for Shipment of Hazardous Materials by Air Environmental View
March 27, 2006 $55,000 Penalty for Lockout Tagout and Forklift Violations Safety View
March 20, 2006 Online Reportable Quantity Calculator Environmental View
March 20, 2006 Senate Confirms President's Nominee to Lead OSHA Safety View
March 13, 2006 Record Penalty for Pouring Hazardous Waste down Floor Drain Environmental View
March 13, 2006 Barricade Tape Fails to Prevent Fatal Fall Safety View
March 6, 2006 EPA Calls On Industry to Reduce Chemical Use Environmental View
March 6, 2006 OSHA Issues Final Standard on Hexavalent Chromium Safety View
February 27, 2006 Company Ordered to Pay Back Wages and Punitive Damages to Employees Fired for Filing an OSHA Complaint Safety View
February 27, 2006 Falsified Training Certificates Lead to Prison and Million Dollar Fine Environmental View
February 20, 2006 DOT Increases Hazardous Materials Penalties Environmental View
February 20, 2006 Worker Protection Against Avian Flu Safety View
February 13, 2006 President's FY 2007 Budget Request for OSHA Maintains Balanced Approach to Workplace Safety and Health Safety View
February 6, 2006 Supreme Court to Decide on Extent of Clean Water Act Environmental View
February 6, 2006 OSHA Increases Number of Inspections Safety View
January 30, 2006 EPA Seeking Reductions in Non-Stick Ingredients Environmental View