Use of Absorbent Material in Excepted Quantity Packages Shipped by Air [IATA DGR 2.6.5]

July 05, 2018
Excepted quantities of dangerous goods qualify for relief from many requirements that apply to larger quantities of dangerous goods. To determine if a dangerous good can be shipped as an excepted quantity, check Column F of the IATA Dangerous Goods List for the material’s proper shipping name in Column B. If there is any code other than E0 in Column F, the material can be shipped as an excepted quantity, provided the quantities in inner and outer packages are within the limits on Table 2.6A of IATA section
Section 2.6.5 of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations requires use of an absorbent material for liquid dangerous goods when they are shipped as excepted quantities by air. They must be secured in a triple package following these steps:
  • Place the dangerous goods in inner packagings that are properly closed
  • Secure and close the inner packagings in an intermediate package with cushioning material to protect the inner packagings and contents from breaking, puncturing, or leaking
  • Then, secure the intermediate packaging in a strong, rigid outer package
For liquids, sufficient absorbent must be placed either in the intermediate packaging or in the outer packaging. Sufficient means there must be enough absorbent contained in the package to absorb the entire contents of the inner packagings.
If the absorbent is placed inside the intermediate packaging, it may serve as the cushioning material, provided it will protect the inner packagings. Whether in the intermediate or outer packaging, the dangerous goods must not react dangerously with the absorbent, the packaging, and any cushioning material; and the dangerous goods must not reduce the integrity or function of these materials (i.e., they must not be capable of dissolving them).