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DOT Hazardous Materials: Safety and Security Awareness

The DOT requires that every hazmat employee receive training in three areas: General Awareness, Function-Specific, and Safety and Security. When you complete at least one session from each of these required categories, you will be certified according to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation at 49 CFR 172 Subpart H for shipments of hazardous materials by ground. To meet the DOT training requirements for your specific job, you must complete each Function-Specific session that applies to your job—packaging, marking and labeling, shipping papers, bulk loading and unloading, non-bulk loading and unloading, hazardous waste manifesting.


Although hazardous materials are inherently dangerous—if handled properly they need not be hazardous to you. One of the primary goals of the hazardous materials regulations is to protect your safety and the safety of the public. And, because hazardous materials are an attractive target or terrorist tool, we must be diligent in keeping hazardous materials out of the hands of anyone who is not authorized to access them.


In this Safety and Security session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize the hazards of the materials you handle, ship, or receive
  • Ways to prevent typical hazards that occur when handling hazardous materials
  • Where to get information on the appropriate personal protective equipment that you must wear when you work with or near hazardous materials
  • How to recognize security threats
  • What to do if you suspect a security threat
  • Security procedures that can help to ensure hazardous materials cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel
  • How to determine if your site is required to implement a Hazardous Materials Security Plan


All of our online training modules require a web browser that supports the use of audio and video playback.  When taking the training, web browser settings such as ad-blockers and pop-up blockers should be disabled.

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