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DOT Hazardous Materials Function-Specific: Packaging

The DOT requires that every hazmat employee receive training in three areas: General Awareness, Function-Specific, and Safety and Security. When you complete at least one session from each of these required categories, you will be certified according to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation at 49 CFR 172 Subpart H for shipments of hazardous materials by ground. To meet the DOT training requirements for your specific job, you must complete each Function-Specific session that applies to your job—packaging, marking and labeling, shipping papers, bulk loading and unloading, non-bulk loading and unloading, hazardous waste manifesting.


Using the correct packaging for your hazardous materials will not only ensure you are in compliance with the regulations, but you’ll also know that your shipments are safe. Selecting the correct non-bulk (≤ 119 gal) or bulk package might seem like a complex process, but by using the easy-to-follow procedures in this session, you’ll be correctly packing your hazardous materials in no time.


This Function Specific session is required for employees who perform any of these job functions:

  • Select or determine the correct packaging for hazardous materials
  • Fill hazardous material packages
  • Close or seal packages
  • Manage emptied packages


In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the hazardous materials table to identify the packaging instructions that apply to your shipments
  • Determine which packages are approved for your shipments
  • Determine if the packages are compatible with your shipments
  • Understand the manufacturer’s codes that are marked on hazardous material packages, and use the codes to ensure you are using the correct packages
  • Translate “packing groups” into the “performance standards” that apply to your packages
  • Determine the maximum weight for solids and specific gravity for liquids allowed in the packages you use
  • Obtain and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for filling and sealing packages
  • Ensure your packages are in good condition and meet DOT’s general packaging requirements
  • Find out if there are exceptions in the regulations that will allow you to use packages that don’t meet the DOT’s stringent specifications
  • Manage empty containers and meet the requirements for container reuse


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