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DOT Hazardous Materials Function-Specific: Hazardous Waste Manifesting

The DOT requires that every hazmat employee receive training in three areas: General Awareness, Function-Specific, and Safety and Security. When you complete at least one session from each of these required categories, you will be certified according to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation at 49 CFR 172 Subpart H for shipments of hazardous materials by ground. To meet the DOT training requirements for your specific job, you must complete each Function-Specific session that applies to your job—packaging, marking and labeling, shipping papers, bulk loading and unloading, non-bulk loading and unloading, hazardous waste manifesting.


Did you know that most hazardous waste manifests have at least one error, and many have errors that can lead to penalties or worker injuries? Even if you allow your hazardous waste vendor to complete your manifests, you remain responsible for the information they enter, including any errors.

Learn how to accurately complete hazardous waste manifests in Environmental Resource Center’s online session which not only explains the basic requirements, but also gives you the information you need to ensure that your hazardous wastes manifests are accurate and completed properly.

In this interactive online course you will learn:

  • When manifests are required, and what waste shipments are exempt
  • What must be entered in the 36 sections on the manifest
  • How to determine the DOT basic description that must be entered in block 9b and 27b
  • Special entries that must be made for hazardous substances, marine pollutants, and generic shipping names
  • When exception reports are required, what they must include, and where to send them
  • What triggers a discrepancy report, and who must file it, and what it must include
  • What emergency response information must be entered, and where to get it

The course handbook, Hazardous Waste Manifesting, is included as a downloadable document. 

This course is designed to meet the function-specific training requirement for completing hazardous waste manifests. If you would like this course to also satisfy your DOT hazardous materials training requirement, you’ll also need general awareness, safety, and security training.


All of our online training modules require a web browser that supports the use of audio and video playback.  When taking the training, web browser settings such as ad-blockers and pop-up blockers should be disabled. 

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